Monday, February 15, 2010

Would Wade Thompson Scam His Own Mother?

The short answer is *yes*. . .

I have reasonable grounds to believe that Wade Thompson scammed his own mother out of some hundreds of dollars, if not a few thousand dollars. . . in the last quarter of 2009.

I guess in a sense this makes ticket scammer and general purpose con-man Wade Thompson a bit of a "motherfucker" as it were.


  1. In jail where he belongs! (Whitehorse, YT)

  2. Yes, he has scammed his own mother. I know. She's my mother-in-law. And she always tries to help him, meaning he's done it more than once.

    Yes, he's scammed his own brother. I know. It's my husband. And he scammed us for tickets to meet my husband's biological parents when we had a 6 month old baby and no money.

    Yes, he's even scammed his own GRANDmother.

    Wade is a sociopath and needs to be put away for good. My kids will never know him.

  3. Wade Thompson ripped off a few of my friends in the early 2000s, some for hundreds of dollars, others for several thousands. One of them, a very close friend, became his girlfriend and cohabitated with him for several months, if not a year. When I first met him, I found the guy a bit odd; he would laugh at people who actually worked for a living, claiming he made tons of money selling tickets to sporting events without working too much. He was an oddball and appeared too confident for someone who didn’t do anything for a living. Anyone I’ve talked to who chatted with him said that he had a way of convincing others that left you asking yourself; what just happened there?

    He is a professional con artist and crackhead. Looking back, my friend doesn’t know how he managed to woo her and then defraud her of over 10 K$ dollars; destroying her credit, alienating her from her friends and family, destroying her self-esteem, her overall health and her extremely high academic standing.

    At one point, a man claiming to be a Hells Angel called her place and when she told him that Wade wasn’t around, he told her that she sounded like a good girl and should run away from that piece of shit before something bad happened to her. Even Wade’s mother directly warned my friend that he was a con artist and to get away from him. I guess he had a way with words and she was naively being manipulated.

    After being rescued from this sociopath by a couple of friends, Wade was arrested by the Ottawa police and we don’t know what eventually happened to him, probably talked his way out of it. One thing is for sure, if I ever see him, he’s fucked.

  4. fucken cooch fucken bitch , i know where he lives hahahahha , hes gonna get ittt..

  5. If you are looking for Wade Thompson,he is here in toronto,ontario canada.I lived with him for almost 4 months and i have been ripped off over 35oo including my cable biull run up with calls to the phillipeans and porn stole money from my account and also the lies upon lies.How he was turning his lfe around.i have just found this site and i wish to god i had known this sooner.The police escorted him out of mu apartment friday sep23 when i was in the hospital and very ill.I know i will never get back the money but what he took was my self worth and my health and caused extreem pain and suffering to me.How could someone be so cruel and yet tell they i love you,he took everything from me and has left me so dissillusiones.Please ladies,if you come across him please for your sanity and your own sake,run the other way.There are phoyos of him on the internet google and see what it says,as someone who has lived with him been scasmmed and lied to please do not let this happen to you.All i know is as of friday Set 23 he was in toronto where he is at this moment i have no idea he claims to have friends here but who knows.i hope tht he will be cazught but i do not expect him to face me.

  6. I am sorry to hear that Wade managed to scam you in this way. It is par for the course for him. Based on my own experience with him, and what I have seen of his scamming of other people, I have reasonable grounds to believe that Wade is a sociopath. The police *should* have escorted him out of your apartment and into a holding cell AFA*I*AC but obviously they did not do so. . . The lax attitude of the police towards this kind of crime really does not help matters.

  7. He got me about 10 years ago for almost $2500. I know that I will never get my money back now, but I really wished that the police or RCMP had notified all of his victoms when he was arresded. I was told the only way for me to get my money back was to basically hire a private investigator to find out where he is and get his wages garnished. What a joke, so I have to pay more money to maybe get money back.

    Just to be courious, is there anyway a "running total" of money that Wade scammed off people can be calculated?

  8. Wade Thompson is a CRIMINAL. He is in Toronto and hangs out at the ACC and lives downtown. He has scammed me and others for a lot of money. It makes me sick that such low life selfless people can walk around with pride and sleep at night at the expense of others. I hope he gets what he deserves. He was in jail once and somehow he will end up back there. He is sick and I am saddened that I fell into his shit. Shame on me for being a victim and shame on him for his ability to do what he does and not punished.

  9. Wade just scammed someone I know out of money for tickets in Vancover on Saturday night june 22, 2013. Is there any way of stopping him? Well it dosent look like it......


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