Monday, February 15, 2010

Wade Thompson Is In Vancouver Or Was A Few Days Ago. . .

I received some emails from a Vancouver resident who had been scammed by Wade Thompson in Vancouver a few days ago. I guess that Wade Thompson may be trying to rip people off by fraudulently selling them non-existent tickets to sold out Olympic Games events. . . Be on your guard and call the Vancouver police ASAP if you have been scammed by Wade Thompson.

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  1. February 21 -

    Be on the lookout in Vancouver. Wade (or Glen) Thompson attempted to scam me 2 days ago in Vancouver, Feb 21.

    He got as far as the paper work with me, before I told him there was no way I was handing him a penny before I had the tickets in my hand.

    His paperwork says "Bytown Tickets".

    It all looks very legit, and he's very convincing.

    Be aware... he has a large bandage over his eye right now, and claims he was hit by a hockey puck while he was sitting in one of his prestige hockey seats at the Olympic Games.

    As a rule, don't give any money to anyone, unless you have the tickets in your hand. Even then, examine the tickets closely, and only deal with someone you trust.

    Funny thing... he introduced himself as "Wade" but signed the paperwork as "Glen". Lemme know if anyone would like a scan of his autograph, as I still have it.


A non-existent penny for your thoughts about Canadian scammer Wade Thompson. . .