Monday, February 15, 2010

Wade Thompson May Also Be Going By The Name Glen Thompson Or Some Other Alias For That Matter. . .

Here is the text of a Google search result that goes to a deleted Craig's List ad -

Ticket Scam 17 Jan 2010 ... Beware of WADE THOMPSON or GLEN THOMPSON. He is a known ticket scammer - just google his name and he has scammed in Calgary and Montreal as ...

Unfortunately the ad was not cached by Google so that is all she wrote as they say. Anyway it looks like Wade has been in Vancouver for the better part of a month now if not somewhat longer. Maybe people who have been scammed by Wayne Thompson aka Glen Thompson should post similar warnings to Craig's List in Vancouver.

Update: I just found the full text of another recent Vancouver area Craig's List advertisement warning about Wade Thompson.

Here it is -

Ticket Fraud - jediknight71@live,ca - $1 (all locations)

Date: 2010-02-10, 1:04PM PST
Reply to:

Do not purchase tickets for Glen or Wade Thompson - he is saying he runs a ticketing booth, under BY Town Tickets and when in fact he is just a con artist who takes the money and runs.

He has no real tickets to sell at all. Just a scam

Location: all locations
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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  1. I used to know his ex-wife Sue and his daughter Samantha - and even she was shocked that he was able to keep-up with this BS for over 15 years (Sue and I haven't talked in a couple of years, so it's probably closer to 20 years now). She left him because of his coke and porn addictions (at that time - she hadn't had contact with him in a few years, so she didn't know if he was still 'troubled' by these afflictions). I've never met him, but the stories she told me about how Wade was able to aquire his tickets (when he was semi-legitimate - early-to-mid-90's) and what happened after his contact stopped suppling him tickets, are crazy stories indeed.
    She said Wade became a different person just before they seperated, he used every person he came in contact with, never paid child support and his wife was stuck with almost $3k in 1-800 porn bills because the family phone was in her name.
    By the sounds of it, you should be glad you lost as little as you did. Karma is a bitch, he'll get his :)

  2. I had an encounter with "Glen" here in Vancouver.. My parents were looking for tickets for the Olympics. Randomly met him in a breakfest place (He was "selling tickets" to a younger girl there aka signing fake documents). Ended up being contacted by him later that day and now out $300. He is here in Vancouver somewhere.. somehow had a key for the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on Georgia St, and also made a call from Cactus Club in Yaletown. However trying to track him down in Vancouver, let alone with all the people here for the Olympics is obviously nearly impossible... We need to put a stop to this guy NOW...

  3. I left another comment on a previous post... but I'll repost it here too..

    I bumped into him on Feb 21 in Vancouver and he attempted to scam me. He introduced himself as "Wade" but signed his paperwork as "Glen". Luckily, I told him he wasn't getting a penny until I had the tickets in my hand... which obviously couldn't happen, because he doesn't have tickets.

    He was hanging out in the Sutton Place Business Centre, so it appears he's targetting tourists at Hotels.

    He currently has a bandage over his eye, and claims to have been hit by a hockey puck at an Olympic event.

    As a rule, don't give any money to anyone unless you have tickets in your hand. And even then, examine them closely, and only deal with someone you trust.

  4. I have a picture of this scammer if you want to post an email I can send it to. I had the unfortunate experience of being scammed by Wade in Vancouver as well. He is currently being hunted by police and a few others. He'll be lucky if the police get him first before these guys! From the previous posts, maybe one of the guys got to him first and helped adjust his "view" of things.

  5. Actually I was planning to put up a blog post requesting pictures of Wade Thompson so please do send photos, or any private communications about Wade aka Glen to -

    I will definitely post any photos of Wade Thompson here. I regret not having snapped a few myself when I had the opportunity to do so. . . I might even do some LOLCats style captions of some of the photos. :-)


    Thanks to the other commenters for the new information about Wade Thompson, some of which I already suspected such as his coke addiction. . .

  6. He was arrested in Whitehorse, march 16th. Serious.

  7. Glad to hear that.

    Please keep us posted with any new developments.

  8. I have nothing new to add about Wade, but do you think it is necessary to mention his ex-wife and daughter by name when they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his choices and actions (Feb 20 post). His daughter (a minor) and her mother do not deserve to be associated in any way with Wade's criminal activity. Although the basic info included in the post may be relevant, in light of recent events - is it necessary to identify their names? They too are victims.

  9. I met Wade/Glen in Vancouver as well in December 2009 offering Olympic hockey tickets. He did managed to scam me for $150 but not as much as his first attempt. He had contracts from a reputable downtown hotel signed by the manager for blocks of rooms for when his out of town clients were in town for games. He went to a lot of trouble and effort to scam the little bit that he managed to get from me.

    I reported it to the police and they have a case file open for him. We even stopped at a couple of coffee shops and stores so he could "talk" to people that worked there regarding tickets they were waiting on so he is very convincing. When I went back to see those people, they told me they don't really know him but he comes in all the time. It's all part of his scam, to make it seem like he is legit. He's a fast talker not leaving time for anyone to answer back which is all the more convincing.

    If it is true that he has been arrested in Whitehorse than that it great but I have my doubts.

  10. wow! This guy sounds like a really bad person.
    This sounds like a guy with alot of mental problems. Why have the police not arrested him ?

  11. Does anyone know where this guy is ?
    Wonder what he would do if, confronted by people that he has scammed.


A non-existent penny for your thoughts about Canadian scammer Wade Thompson. . .