Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Who Is Wade Thompson Scamming Now?

Testing, testing. . .



Three strikes you're out Wade.

"Out" in every sense of the word.

Go Google yourself Wade.

More later. . .


  1. In a recent scam that involved my Fiance this past week. He managed to get away with close to $600.00, selling Bon Jovi tickets this time, it was an opportune time for him as my Fiance loves Jon Bon. He is in Toronto now, so if anyone comes across this guy....call the police. His face is on camera through all the major hotels in Toronto as this is where he wants to find his business. If hotels come up with a contract for him to provide a guestroom contract, he will have a legitamate document to lure more people in giving him money for hotel rooms and tickets at the same time. I was onto him and almost had him in cuffs but he did get away.


  2. Seems Wade has just surfaced in Vancouver just in time for the Olympics- and has already set up shop and working the crowds.

    I believe its time... game over for a low sleeze ball like this, and he is being watched closely.. its just a matter of time

  3. Hes here in Vancouver..been here since January. We need to get on this guy... how is the question??

  4. The Dude's currently in toronto, he's going around pulling the same stunt. Someone needs to get on this guy.


A non-existent penny for your thoughts about Canadian scammer Wade Thompson. . .