Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Wade Thompson A Phoney? CTV Calgary And Calgary Police Seem To Think So. . .

Here is the full text of a Thursday June 18, 2009, CTV Calgary News report titled 'Police warn about phoney concert promoter' about Canadian scammer aka con-man Wade Thompson -

Updated: Thu Jun. 18 2009 17:43:11


A phoney concert promoter has conned some Calgary music lovers out of their cash.

Police say they started their investigation into the scheme earlier this year but in the past few days more victims have come forward.

"It certainly isn't just one person that has been a victim, it's several people and it's something we are anxiously trying to put closure to," says SSgt. Joel Matthews.

Sarah Beattie and her fiancé Michael Lacroix learned about the phoney concert promoter the hard way.

They met a promoter, who goes by the name Wade Thompson, who offered tickets to AC/DC's sold out concert in Edmonton in August.

"He had legal documents for us to sign, contract and stuff for the ticket forms and it seemed legit," says Beattie.

Beattie handed over $600 cash for four concert tickets and backstage passes. The tickets have never been delivered and Beattie's calls to Thompson have gone unanswered.

Thompson claimed to work for Rocky Mountain Tickets Company but CTV News has learned that company does not exist, neither does the GST number printed on his contracts.

The Better Business Bureau is also warning consumers about the scam. Rocky Mountain Tickets has an F rating with the BBB.

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  1. Seems Wade has made his way out West just in time for the Olympics.. and has already set up shop at the Starbucks in Tinseltown seeling his fake concert and Olympic venue tickets.

    Watch this guy- time for someone to close his shop and run him out of town.. the sooner teh better


A non-existent penny for your thoughts about Canadian scammer Wade Thompson. . .