Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Wade Thompson A Crazy Fucked Up Person? An Australian Student Jennit Seems To Think So And I Tend To Concur. . .

Here is the full text of the first blog post I found about shameless Canadian scammer Wade Thompson on a blog that is dedicated solely to exposing Wade Thompson as a scammer aka fraud artist. I don't think the author Jennit will mind too much if I reproduce her words verbatim here -

Blog post title - Don't buy tickets from Wade Thompson

My friend and I have learned a very important lesson: Don't trust anyone. It's a sad reality but it's the truth.

We have come from Australia to do a semester exchange and have been staying at a hostel in Montreal for a week temporarily while we find apartments.

We met a loud guy at the hostel who seemed like the life of the party but turned out to be obnoxious and creepy. He made us feel like we were all friends and we went out and had some fun with him.

He claimed to be the "Operating Manager" of a ticket company "Hogtown Tickets". He said he normally sells corporates tickets but he would be willing to sell us cheaper tickets to hockey matches/concerts. We gave him money and he said he'd go get the tickets straight away. He came back and said he was held up and couldn't get them until the morning but gave us what seemed to be legitimate invoices with his company's details.

"We'll do breakfast... with my agent... and I'll give you guys the tickets then!" he declared.

So this morning there was no sign of him. He has our money... plus money he owes my friend that he "borrowed". After a bit of internet research, it occurs to us that he's done this before.

I feel like a total idiot for letting that happen.

I guess from now on I'll just be more careful. Don't give your money to anyone unless you know and trust them 100% and remember that there are some crazy, fucked up people out there.

...and if you ever meet this loud, obnoxious, "Wade Thompson" in Canada, please call the police. He apparently has many reports filed against him across the country.

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