Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Whitehorse Daily Star Report On The Arrest Of Ticket Scammer And All Round "Snake" Wade Thompson On St. Patrick's Day

The Justice Reporter of the Whitehorse Daily Star Justine Davidson has published a news story about Wade Thompson's arrest titled 'Media alert helped round up suspect'. I bet Wade's face was "wearing the green" when the Whitehorse Mounties got their "snake", I mean man. :-) This blog, and some of the comments made on it, are quoted in the story. It is possible to submit comments to the online version of the article so I would encourage Wade's victims to do so. You can also write a good old-fashioned letter to the editor and send it by email to -

Here is the comment that I just submitted to Justine Davidson's story about Wade Thompson's arrest on St. Patrick's Day -

Thank you for mentioning my 'Who is Wade Thompson Scamming Now?' in this news report on the St. Patrick's Day arrest of Wade Thompson aka Glen Thompson on fraud charges. Not only did the Mounties get their man, as they reputedly always do. . . but some might say they even took care of a "snake" on St. Patrick's Day. :-)

It seems that the photograph of Wade Thompson that I posted to the blog on March 4th (after it was kindly supplied to me by one of Wade's victims) may have been helpful to the RCMP. My web stats show that someone from the RCMP downloaded the photo from the WIWTSN? blog on Monday March 15th. Maybe other blogs can help to catch criminals in a similar manner.

I have made a link to the Yukon Justice Department's Victim Impact Statement form on the WIWTSN? blog so that Wade Thompson's victims may use it if they choose to. If the Whitehorse Daily Star could publish the URL of that form and the address to which any Victim Impact Statements should be sent to that would be a public service to people across Canada, and indeed across the Atlantic Ocean judging from my web stats. . . It seems that Wade Thompson "worked" the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and scammed some people from Europe.

Here is the URL for the form -

Now all victims need to know is where to send it to. I am confident that there a number of victims who have a thing or two to say about Wade Thompson.

Wade really is a piece of work judging from what I saw of him. He apparently scammed his own mother while in Montreal and I personally witnessed the aftermath of him scamming a group teenage girls staying in a Montreal youth hostel out of about $50 for "taxi fare" about an hour or two after I had given him $60 for "taxi fare".

Robin Edgar

end quote

It occurs to me now that Wade Thompson isn't scamming anyone at the moment, unless of course he is trying his luck at scamming the Whitehorse RCMP detachment. . .


  1. My name is Susan Thompson. Wade is my so-called brother-in-law Wade was adopted, as was my husband Doug. But he is a sociopathic scam artist and has been for 24 years. We cut all ties to him, after he scammed us when we were broke newlyweds with a 6 month old baby. And I'd testify to that.

    We sincerely feel grateful to you for starting this blog as the law has not done it's job yet and put him away. I hope he stays in jail this time. At the very least I hope you keep him from taking more people's money.

    Also, as I posted DO NOT send victim impact statements to Water Valley. They will be going to his mother, Linda Thompson (my mother-in-law), who has been scammed by him many many times over the years no matter how many times we've told them not to give him another penny. No doubt she will use the statements to try to help him somehow. Only talk to RCMP.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments here Susan. I have to agree that Wade is almost certainly a psychopath aka sociopath based on my own experience of him. I wish you the best and will try to ensure that no harm comes to you as a result of this blog. If you feel the need to do so feel free to contact me privately and confidentially at -

  3. Susan it occurs to me that perhaps you and your husband Doug should submit a Victims' Impact Statement to the Whitehorse Yukon law enforcement authorities. If they heard from close relatives of Wade about his past conscienceless scamming of his own brother and sister-in-law, to say nothing of his mother and grandmother, this might persuade them that he should not be dealt with too leniently.

  4. Robin,

    We were scammed just over a year ago here in Vancouver. We immediately called and filed a report with VPD who said there were bigger fish to fry and there was nothing they could do. A reluctant lazy cop came and took our statements and evidence we had of his (wallet, cell phone, etc).

    I know for a fact the cop closed the case immediately, and didn't even link together the case numbers (as he also scammed 5 other people we knew) and moved on. Over a year later (Today) I find this site and emailed this lazy cop to make sure he's aware of what happened and asked if there is anything we can do to help prosecute him. He wrote back claiming that the day he interviewed us he told us to file a complaint with the RCMP in Burnaby, which he DID NOT or we would have done so immediately.

    Either way, we all lost a lot of money and want him locked up (not to mention the money back I'm sure we'll never see). Can we file one of those complaint forms? And where do we send them??

  5. Just got off the phone with the detachment in Whitehorse about the victim impact statement. Apparently we don't fill them out or send them in unless he scammed us in the yukon.. Seeing as I'm in Vancouver and you're in Montreal they won't do us any good.

  6. I went to school with Wade, and he was a scammer back then...shames me to say that he also scammed me with stolen goods that he was selling off. His career started very early in life, and I'm sorry that some people just don't grow up. I was reading through the comments and found that somehow he's connected to Water Valley? Thanks for putting up this website...although it's been over 20 years since I've seen him, I'm glad he's hopefully going to be prosecuted and made to pay for his actions.

  7. You're welcome Thomas,

    Wade *was* prosecuted in the Yukon and spent a few months in jail there. He is now out and busy scamming people in the Vancouver area. I guess a little bit of jail time is just the proverbial "cost of doing business" for Wade. . .

    As far as the Water Valley connection goes it seems that Wade's mother lives there.

  8. Its always bothered me over the years to find out what happened to this man. I was taken advantage of in Vancouver at the age of 14. As an impressionable young woman, this man lied, coaxed, and persuaded me to things I've always wished I could take back. Now 23, I cant express how happy I am to hear this man is where he belongs, jail..

  9. I regret to have to inform you that Wade Glen Thompson is still busy lying, coaxing, and persuading people to part with their money for non-existent tickets to hockey games etc. in Toronto. He did a few months in the Yukon and was released.


A non-existent penny for your thoughts about Canadian scammer Wade Thompson. . .