Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Mounties Got Their Man! Assuming That Wade Thompson aka Glen Thompson Can Be Properly Described As A Man. . .

Yes that's right folks. I have been very reliably informed that Wade Thompson aka Glen Thompson the ticket scammer has been arrested in Whitehorse, Yukon, by the Mounties aka the RCMP aka the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I first heard about Wade Thompson's arrest yesterday, but I was not sure how reliable the information was. It is now clear that the information provided by a couple of anonymous commenters to my Wade Thompson aka Glen Thompson Ticket Scammer Photo blog post was reliable enough for some reputable news outlets to report on the arrest of Wade Thompson in Whitehorse.

Here are the pertinent links to those news reports that I could find. I expect that more news reports will follow, including a report by Justine Davidson who is the justice reporter for the Whitehorse Daily Star -

Alleged Calgary ticket fraudster taken down in the Yukon by Jasmine Griffeth of CHQR AM770 in Calgary

A man wanted in Calgary on outstanding fraud warrants has been arrested after allegedly trying to sell phony Michael Buble tickets in the Yukon.

Whitehorse RCMP say 39-year-old Wade Glen Thompson is in custody and faces three charges of credit-card fraud, fraud less than $5,000 and fraudulently obtaining food or lodging.

The charges stem from reports of a man claiming he was a broker selling tickets to see crooner Michael Buble in Vancouver.

Thompson is scheduled to appear in territorial court in Whitehorse next Wednesday.
He's also wanted on outstanding warrants in Halifax, Ottawa and Winnipeg for related offences.

It seems that the original source of the above story is this Canadian Press report that was posted to the internet 17 hours ago late last night -

Man charged with fraud after phony Michael Buble tickets sold in Yukon

If you want updated news reports I suggest creating a Google News Alert for -

Wade Thompson Whitehorse

That is all for now.

Update February 25, 2013 -

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  1. He will always be a scammer. Please if you see him run, he is no good and never will be.

  2. people trying to add comments are having a hard time since it will not allow you to post here.what is up with that!

  3. wade is still scamming as we speak. he owes alot of people alot of money, yet thoes he owes will never see their compensation due to the fact, he will not work and also he is a liar, bully, cheat, user and scammer. that is all he has been and all he ever will be. oh and also a master manipulator- wow some qualities. you wade are running out of places to scam and since alot more people are on to you, shopild not be too long before you are back where you belong in jail.

  4. As someone who has been scammed by this poor excuse for a man and human being, I urge you not to have anything to do with thisperson. This low life has no regard for anyone and does not care who he hurts or how he hurts people. He is someone you really don't want to get mixed up with so,please save yourself.

  5. This is a lousy person and is selfish, he does not care about anyone just himself and what he can scam out of people. Look at all the negative posts written here by his victims,do not become one of many. Stay away from him!

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  7. Ottawa has lots of crooked cops, judges and lawyers who take bribes. Athena Basta is just one of the many crooked lawyers in Ottawa who takes bribes. She is also a scam and fraud artist. Nobody should ever trust her with their money.


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